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Meet Emily —
Emily Johnson as a little girl

"The story of how I came into a life of horses does not have an uncommon beginning," Emily says smiling. "Motivated by my wild, uninhibited love for the horse -- or the 'horsey' as my little girl lips would sound with delight -- I was the quintessential young girl listing 'pony' as the first thing on my Christmas list." But when Emily found her equine opportunities limited in a city better known for its hiking trails than horse farms, she had to get a little creative.

"When the urge for a horse of my own became unbearable I would satiate the desire by tying up my younger brother and leading him around as if he were my horse! When my mother finally squelched this activity, I instead resorted to training the family dog, a buff colored Cocker Spaniel named Chinook, to be a stadium jumper using an elaborate obstacle course I made in the back yard," she recalls.

Emily rode every summer at a dude ranch in the mountains, took an occasional jumping lesson, and participated in local shows under the tutelage of a family friend. But when these activities were still too few and far between to satisfy her horse cravings, Emily would wander over to a neighboring pasture to sit on the fence and simply be with the horses that lived there.

It was at this very pasture that Emily met a striking bay Quarter Horse gelding that soon became her first horse. His name was Binder, and he ignited in Emily an unbridled devotion to horses that would grow stronger day by day.

In college, Emily traveled the country working as a groom on the Morgan show circuit. It was during these years, while studying Equine Science at Colorado State University, that she came to realize that it was not the physiological ins and outs of the horse that were most intriguing to her, but rather the mind and nature of these exquisite animals -- things that went beyond textbook learning.

The opportunity of a lifetime came when she was selected for an apprenticeship with the world famous horseman and founder of Cowboy Dressage, Eitan Beth-Halachemy. At his ranch in Grass Valley, California, Emily experienced firsthand the true artistry of an authentic horseman. Moved by the connectedness and lightness that transpired between Eitan and his horses, Emily resolved to practice and pursue this level of horsemanship.

In 2006, Emily founded Mountain Rose Horsemanship to meet the need for quality horse care and training structured around the horse's instinctive needs. This "horse first" approach soon highlighted an even greater need: to help humans better understand their beloved horse's natural language and behavior. Emily responded by providing the opportunity for people to learn the art of horsemanship, a practice that is now the foundation of MRH.

Emily considers herself a lifetime student of the horse, believing there is no end to the learning process or to the expansive wisdom the horse has to offer. Inspired by the philosophies and methods of some of the greatest horsemen and horsewomen throughout history, she developed her own comprehensive curriculum, Wholeness Through Horsemanship™. Her training methods utilize direct communication the horse naturally understands in combination with her keen awareness of the human learning process. This approach creates a safe and effective environment for both the human learner and the equine student. Her instruction is inspired by the principles of natural horsemanship, ranch horsemanship, and classical dressage and reflects her passion for equipping both horses and humans for success on their journey toward individual wholeness and ultimate partnership. Emily is on the cutting edge of the new Western Dressage movement being one of only a small group of instructors in the nation to complete the Western Dressage Association of America's® Train the Trainers™ programs and is currently working toward her Western Dressage judges certification.

Professional Accomplishments and Highlights —

2003 - 2004: Studied Equine Science at Colorado State UniversityEmily and Eitan

2003: Groom on Morgan "A" Show Circuit for Chowning Training Stable

2004: Groom on Morgan "A" Show Circuit for Greyrock Stables

2004: Apprentice to Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Cowboy Dressage - Grass Valley, California

2005: Barn Manager, Foaling Manager and Resident Trainer/Instructor at Medicine Horse Program - Boulder, ColoradoEmily Johnson

2005: Completed EAGALA training and certification

2005: Attended Ray Hunt clinic - Wheatland, Wyoming

2006: Assistant Barn Manager at West Winds Dressage Farm - Longmont, Colorado

2006: Founded Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training - Louisville, Colorado

2007: Instructor for Naropa University Extended Studies - Boulder, Colorado

2010: Internship with Joe Wolter - Aspermont, Texas

2010: Designed training program for Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, Colorado

2010: Clinician at the LCHA Annual Clinic - Berthoud, Colorado

2011: Featured in EQUUS magazine

2011: Rode with Buck Brannaman - Kiowa, Colorado

2011: Attended Bryan Neubert clinic - Fremont, Nebraska

2012: Graduate of the Western Dressage Association of America's® Train the Trainers™ program

2013: Western Dressage Clinician for Purina Horse Owners Workshop - Plattsmouth, Nebraska

2013: Presenter at Nebraska Horse Expo - Lincoln, Nebraska

2013: Coached at the WDAA Inaugural Western Dressage World Show - Tulsa, Oklahoma

2013: Named Western Dressage Champion and High Point of the Year by the Nebraska Dressage Association

2014: Named Reserve World Champion at Western Dressage World Show - Tulsa, Oklahoma

2014: Named Western Dressage Champion by Nebraska Dressage Association

2014: Headline Presenter at Nebraska Horse Expo - Lincoln, Nebraska

2015: Elected as Board Member for Nebraska Dressage Association

2015: Rode with Manuel Trigo in Lightness Clinic - Omaha, Nebraska

2015: Attended the Perfect Seat Clinic with Manuel Trigo - Larkspur, Colorado

2015: Graduate of the Western Dressage Association of America's® Advanced Train the Trainers™ program

2015: Named Reserve World Champion at Western Dressage World Show - Tulsa, Oklahoma

2016: Rode with Manuel Trigo in Long-Reining for Lightness Clinic - Kansas City, MO

2016: Relocated to Mountain Rose Ranch, home of the Wholeness Through Horsemanship Center - Kearney, NE

2017: Completed the Western Dressage Association of America's® Judge's Education Seminar - Denver, CO

2017: Attended the USDF "L" Judges Education Program Part A, B and C - Lincoln, NE

2017: Coached at the WDAA Western Dressage World Show - Guthrie, Oklahoma

2017: Featured in HT Living Magazine

2018: Headline Presenter at Horse Trail Riding Expo - Elkhorn, NE

2018: Clinician at International Omaha Competition & Expo - Omaha, NE

2019: Clinician at International Omaha Competition & Expo - Omaha, NE

2019: Hosted and rode with Manuel Trigo in Collection Fundamentals Clinic - Kearney, NE