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"Educating horses in the ways of partnership with people."

About the Program

The horse training program at MRH provides horses with a solid and diverse education through which they learn to be respectful, confident, and willing partners on the ground and under saddle. In the MRH training program, an emphasis is placed on the well-rounded development of each horse with their mental, emotional and physical development equally considered. This approach ensures a horse's genuine understanding, acceptance, and subsequent participation in the partnership.

MRH welcomes horses of any age, breed, background, and discipline, with a limited number of horses accepted for training into the program at a time to ensure ample attention and an individual focus for each horse. Horses are schooled both in the arena and out on the trail and are regularly exposed to and properly desensitized to flags, tarps, ropes, machinery, water, trail obstacles, trailer loading, tying, etc. while maintaining a healthy sensitization and respect for people.

At MRH, you and your horse will benefit from the knowledge and skillfulness of two complementary trainers, Emily Johnson and Jake Gonzales. Emily and Jake share similar backgrounds and bring like-minded philosophies to their pursuit of partnership with horses and work collaboratively in each horse's growth and development. They employ their collective philosophies and principles deeply rooted in ranch horsemanship, natural horsemanship, and classical dressage. Together they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to benefit the horses and students who seek their education at MRH.

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Meet the Trainers

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is the founder, owner and head trainer of Mountain Rose Horsemanship. Emily considers herself a lifetime student of the horse, believing there is no end to the learning process or to the expansive wisdom the horse has to offer. Inspired by the philosophies and methods of some of the greatest horsemen and horsewomen throughout history, she developed her own comprehensive curriculum, Wholeness Through Horsemanship™. Her training methods utilize direct communication the horse naturally understands in combination with her keen awareness of the human learning process. This approach creates a safe and effective environment for both the human learner and the equine student. Her instruction is inspired by the principles of natural horsemanship, ranch horsemanship, and classical dressage and reflects her passion for equipping both horses and humans for success on their journey toward individual wholeness and ultimate partnership. Emily is on the cutting edge of the new Western Dressage movement being one of only a small group of instructors in the nation to complete the Western Dressage Association of America's® Train the Trainers™ programs and is currently working toward her Western Dressage judges certification. Learn more about Emily here.
Jake Gonzales

Jake Gonzales joined the MRH Team in 2017 as an assistant trainer. Jake brings a wealth of experience from his years as a cowboy that will ensure a horse is handy, well equipped and partnered up to be able to get a job done. His goal is to establish a willing partnership with the horse, through feel and a consideration of the horse's nature. His working background brings Jake perspective on the value of providing a horse a job through which they can learn to be respectful and responsive, both on the ground and under saddle. He seeks to offer the horse clear communication providing him adequate direction while simultaneously allowing him to learn how to fill in for himself and seek his own sense of self and confidence. The end result is what dreams are made of — a harmonious, willing, partnership between horse and rider! Learn more about Jake here.

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Services and Rates

Training Session: $50/hour

Training Packages:

Part-Time Training
Includes: 3 training hours per week, 2 lessons
with owner (14 hours total), weekly email updates
Full-Time Training
Includes: 5 training hours per week, 4 lessons
with owner (24 hours total), weekly email updates

(*plus board)
*** NEW CLIENT SPECIAL! Receive $100 off a part or full-time training package. ***

Trailering: $35 base + $3.00/mile. First 15 min. of loading horse at no charge, each additional 15 min. helping horse to load @ $15.00.

Long Distance Training: See Long Distance Coaching for rates and more information.



Prior to acceptance into the program, training horses must provide a negative Coggins Test (within one year) and record that they are current on vaccinations and have been de-wormed within 30 days prior to arrival. Horses in training must remain current on health care while in training. All owners must complete the New Client - Horse Boarding and Training packet prior to their horse entering the MRH training program. Owner agrees to abide by the barn rules and policies of the MRH facility.

Please be advised that daily turnout in a social herd environment is provided to all medium to long-term horse residents in the MRH training program. Therefore horses who reside at MRR may not wear metal shoes on their hind feet due to the increased risks of injury they pose in a social herd setting.

Charitable Work

MRH is proud to support the noble work of equine non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of horses and the people who love them. MRH's offers horse training, horsemanship instruction and consultation services to these organizations pro bono or at discounted rates. MRH as well partners with these programs to offer the Wholeness Through Horsemanship™ line-up of educational events as fundraising and promotional opportunities for the benefit of equine non-profit organizations.

If you are a part of an equine non-profit organization whose work and mission align with the philosophy of MRH, please contact Emily to discuss how MRH might support your program.

Organizations that MRH has partnered with:

Colorado Horse Rescue Colorado Theraputic Riding Center Nebraska Humane Society

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