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Why Phone and Video Coaching?
Long distance coaching

When distance, weather, finances or other circumstances render studying together in person difficult, long distance coaching provides a way to get the valuable support and direction in your relationship with your horse. Long distance coaching is an easy, effective, convenient and more cost conscious way to get some support and guidance with your horse. Emily provides this opportunity by means of both telephone and video assessment utilizing the dynamic and versatile Coach's Eye video review technology. This platform allows for for both verbal and visual commentary and moment by moment review. Through the review Emily will provide professional feedback, tips and advice to help you troubleshoot your area of concern and will help you come up with a customized plan to address your concern and reach your goals.

Sample Video Review - MRH Video
Sample Video Review

Options and Rates

1. Phone Coaching: Emily will guide you and answer your questions by means of phone or video (Skype, FaceTime, etc) conversation and/or email correspondences. $40/hour (Minimum of 1 hour.)

2. Video Coaching: Emily now offers online video coaching via using the Coach's Eye video review platform. Purchase a video coaching session and upon receipt of purchase you will be sent email instructions for how to upload your video to Coach's Eye. Emily will then review and return to you your video complete with her verbal and visual commentary and coaching. $40/hour (Minimum of 1 hour.)

What Students Are Saying...

"I have been studying with Emily for over 5 years now and have grown so much as a horsewoman from our lessons, so I was pleasantly surprised at how my video/phone lesson with Emily allowed me to see my horsemanship from a whole new perspective. I never imagined that a 3 1/2 min video could turn into a rich one hour lesson! My video lesson was with a prospective new horse and it allowed me to see what I needed to bring to the relationship in order to be an effective new partner for her. It also allowed me to see how I would need to work with the mind and emotions of my new horse. The video lesson not only helped me to make a conscious choice to purchase my new equine partner, but it also helped me to start our relationship with more understanding so that I can be aware of her needs. I would highly recommend tapping into Emily's knowledge and support through the convenient means of phone and video consultation."

- Wendy

"After reviewing the voice-over, coaching session from Emily, I was excited to apply the advice! Specifically, Emily mentioned how my weight was on the inside leg during trotting and cantering my horse. My mare had the tendency to drop her shoulder to the inside and counter-bend - hmmm, I wonder why? I conciously made the effort to put more weight in my outside leg or seat last night during a ride. I noticed the following improvements: we did not fall into the circle, we stayed on the circle and the horse responded to this aid. Wow, could this be working?

"Additionally, I adheared to Emily's direction on rebalancing the horse after a speed up. I have a horse with emphatic impulsion and sensitivity. Great attributes, but harnassing the power is another story. After an increase in rhythm on the circle (with a high head and an all-over-the-place effort), I placed my inside leg on her, had some weight in my outside rein (rode the inside leg towards the outside rein) and she responded by balancing herself.

"In summary, Emily's clear communication and suggestions on refining the riding has resulted in a positive change. I will need to work on this more to ensure understanding, but I was surprised how these changes impacted our areas of less strengths!

"Emily is astute in her analysis and drills down to the root cause of the issue, therefore impacting the rider. Very cool!"

- Michele

"This is the second time in less than two months that I have submitted a video for Emily to review. Both times have been extremely helpful and I will contintue to submit video's on a regular basis. Listening to Emily's clear and concise evalution and instruction while actually watching myself and my horse has brought me a much greater understanding of what I need to improve for both of us.

"In a private lesson, when Emily makes suggestions for even the slightest change, I am always impressed by the effect it has on my horse. On video, Emily makes the same suggestions and it is so much easier to see exactly what she is saying and why. It is easier to make those little changes after watching your video several times and really paying attention to your position and your horse at the exact moment that Emily is telling you what to change.

"Prior to submitting these videos I had never thought this tool could be useful. I was thrilled with the understanding I gained from the first one and submitted the second one last week,within a month of the first. None of us want to continue training our horse and ourselves only to find we have been doing it wrong or that there are improvements we can make. The use of video allows us to get great feedback that is, in some ways, better than even a private lesson. In a lesson, you can't see what you are doing - you can in a video.

"I highly recommend this tool to further your horsemanship! It is well worth the cost and leaves you with a video with Emily's comments that you can view over and over again."

- Judy

"Last week I had my first video lesson with Emily. I posted a video that was 70 seconds long on YouTube. Emily and I then scheduled a time to go over it on the phone. During the call, we both had the YouTube video pulled up on our computers. We started at the same time on the video so we could be together. While I was watching myself and my horse, Emily and I talked about what we both saw. It was fantastic. I could actually see what both my horse and I were doing as I was also hearing Emily's immediate feedback about it. Emily would ask that we look at specific times on the tape and we would both look at that frame while she commented on what was correct and what could be improved. She would say, "go to 1:05 -- at that moment, your horse is exactly right. Look at the position of his body. Now go back to the beginning and lets watch the first 10 seconds, that is not as correct and this is why . . . " Though, at first, I wasn't sure that such a short clip, at only 70 seconds, would provide ample material for discussion, indeed our time by phone was packed with feedback to help me improve my horsemanship. I made notes while Emily talked so I know exactly what she said about each section of the video and I have then been able to go back countless times and watch those 70 seconds over and over. I learned a tremendous amount and was able to use it when I ride. It has made a huge difference for both my horse and my riding. This is a private lesson that I will have forever as a reference! I cannot recommend this form of instruction enough."

- Judy