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MRH is proud to offer these fine horses through the Wanted Horse Training Program™. Each horse in this program has been schooled through the MRH foundational curriculum and has proven themself to be a respectful, willing, and trustworthy partner on the ground, under saddle, and out on the trail. They have been appropriately desensitized to flags, tarps, water, machinery, etc., while maintaining healthy sensitization and respect for humans. Horses trailer load, tie, and behave well for the vet and farrier. They have been properly socialized within a herd, are current on their vaccinations, and have been on a regular de-worming program. Included in the purchase of a horse owned by MRH are two complementary "owner's manual" lessons to get you and your new equine partner off to a great start! Horse Training Photo Gallery.

The Unwanted Horse Issue:

MRH is committed to helping reduce the number of unwanted horses. As you consider horse ownership, please do so responsibly. Find out more about what it means to "Own Responsibly":

What to Expect When Owning a Horse - American Association of Equine Practitioners
What You Should Know About Buying a Horse - American Veterinary Medicine Association
Own Responsibly - Unwanted Horse Coalition

Additional Horses Available:

MRH partners regularly with horse rescue agencies in support of their equine rehabilitation programs. To see additional horses, beyond those listed on this page, please visit the following organizations sites and contact them with inquiries. Note that horses not also listed on this page have not been through the MRH Wanted Horse Training Program™.

Colorado Horse Rescue
Nebraska Humane Society

Sirocco - Versatile Arabian Gelding

SOLD. Congratulations to Mary of Chadron, NE!

Breed: Arabian
Gender: Gelding
Age: 9
Size: 14.2 H
Color: Fleabitten grey with bloodmarks
Temperament: Sirocco is an eye-catching horse with fancy movement to match his fancy Arabian bloodmarks. His personality is as desirable as his coloring: smart, willing, and eager. He bonds closely with his human partner, loves exploring new places and learning new things, and works hard to please.
Training: Sirocco was trained by Emily Johnson using natural horsemanship concepts. He has completed Emily's horsemanship program twice, and is confident, curious, and competent with a variety of obstacles and sensible on the trails. Through continued training with Sheri Savig of Northwind Stables he is accustomed to working in a crowded, active arena. Sirocco has competed in several Western Dressage schooling shows, successfully completed a Working Equitation clinic with Kelli Paulson, and a groundwork/riding clinic with Kip Fladland. He rides in a snaffle bit, is responsive to cues, has a wonderful forward walk, both a slow and extended trot, and is developing nicely at the lope.
Health History: Sirocco has been on a regular de-worming, farrier, and vaccination program. He has quality hooves and is currently barefoot. He thrives being kept outdoors.
Rider Experience: Sirocco will partner best with an intermediate rider, or with a confident high beginner under the supervision of a trainer. This fantastic horse is offered for sale through no fault of his own. Owner is changing disciplines.
Price: $5000 (negotiable to the right home)
Location: Elkhorn, NE
Contact: To meet Sirocco, contact Margaret at 402-215-4757
Video 1: Groundwork, Saddlework & Trail Riding (Fall 2016)
Video 2: With Student Groundwork, Saddlework & Trail Riding (Fall 2016)
Video 3: Trail Obstacles (Winter 2015)
Video 4: Groundwork and Saddlework (Fall 2015)
Video 5: Arena and Trail Riding - With Student (Summer 2015)
Video 6: First Dressage Show - Introductory Level, Test A & B (Spring 2015)

Jazzmine - Personable, Ambitious and Lovely Mare

SOLD. Congratulations to Nancy of Columbia, Missouri!

Breed: Morgan
Gender: Mare
Age: 9
Size: 14.3 H
Color: Bay
Temperament: Jazzmine is a personable mare who enjoys attention. She has an eager and ambitious spirit and ample energy which is testament of her UVM Breeding (names such as UVM Promise, Waseeka, and Upwey Ben Don). She is a naturally forward mare with rhythmic and elegant gaits. Jazzmine is very intelligent and enjoys regular work and the challenge of trail obstacles. She has a sound mind and has demonstrated emotional confidence around a variety of stimuli and situations.
Training and Accomplishments: Jazzmine both rides and drives. Driving: has done Carriage Pleasure Shows, and Combined Driving Events (Training Level). Riding: has done Morgan Schooling Shows, English and Western Dressage (Intro), and Trail Riding. Jazzmine is adept at lunging on a line and also free lunging. She is easy to ground drive and long line. She has had partnership and groundwork training with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship.
Health History: Jazzmine is up to date on shots, de-worming and Coggins. She does well with the vet, farrier and for clipping, trailering and bathing. She has excellent teeth and hooves.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $4000/offer
Location: Plattsmouth, NE
Contact: Contact Barbara at or 402-290-0396 to meet Jazzmine!
Video: View videos of Jazzmine here.

Misty - Versatile, Proven and Elegant AQHA Mare

SOLD. MRH is excited to announce that Misty has joined the ranks of Equine Instructor in the MRH Wholeness Through Horsemanship program! We are so pleased to bring this exquisite mare into our herd and look forward to enjoying a fine future with this stellar mare!

Breed: Quarter Horse (Reg. Name: Awesome Misty; Reg. #:4154073)
Gender: Mare
Age: 15 (DOB: May 20, 2001)
Size: 15.0 H
Color: Bay
Temperament: Misty is an elegant mare, of quality build and with a gentle temperament. She is a very smart and sensible mare who learns quickly and has a terrific amount of try. She is both a kind and generous spirited horse and has a stellar work ethic. She is polite on the ground and an equal pleasure to ride with smooth, comfortable and balanced gaits! Misty has both extensive show and trail riding experience and has proven herself to be quiet and responsible in both environments, whether on her own or in the company of other horses. She clips, bathes, loads, ties and trailers well.
Training and Accomplishments: Misty is versatile, talented and proven in many different arenas. She was trained by Sherman Tegtmeier for reining and was campaigned in her third and fourth year in Novice and Amateur classes. She has points in each, which can be viewed on the AQHA website. She was then a working ranch horse as a 5 year old and then became a broodmare for five years producing four foals. In 2013 she was put in training with Rae Lynn Gilmore who showed her in reining and trained her for ranch horse versatility. Misty was judged the Supreme Champion Horse at the 2014 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic after competing in conformation, ranch trail, boxing, open roping, and ranch rodeo. Misty has most recently received natural horsemanship based, partnership and western dressage training with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship. Misty was shown successfully at the 2014 Western Dressage World Show placing 4th and 5th in her respective Introductory Level classes with Emily Johnson riding. In November 2014 Misty won her division of the Trail Rider Challenge at the Nebraska Horse Expo with the owner riding, further proving her terrific versatility. Misty has eye-catching movement and a free-flowing stride which makes her equally suited for english disciplines. Misty is currently showing in the 2015 season and thus far has shown with success in english dressage at Training Level and has most recently put forth more exceptional competition rides in Western Dressage at the Basic Level. Whether on the trail, in the western arena or on the english dressage court, Misty excels!
Health History: Misty has been on a regular de-worming, farrier and vaccination program throughout her life and is current in all categories. Misty is currently shod in the front.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $5500/offer
Location: Plattsmouth, NE
Contact: Contact Glenn at 402-310-5717 or to meet Misty!
Video 1: Obstacles and Trail (Fall 2014)
Video 2: WDAA World Show - Western Dressage Intro Level, Test 1 (Fall 2014)
Video 3: WDAA World Show - Western Dressage Intro Level, Test 2 (Fall 2014)
Video 4: English Dressage Training Level Test 3 (Spring 2015)
Video 5: Western Dressage Basic Level, Test 1 (Summer 2015)
Video 6: Western Dressage Basic Level, Test 2 (Summer 2015)
Video 7: Groundwork at Liberty and Bareback Riding (Fall 2015)
Video 8: Misty with Student Riding (Fall 2015)

Raven - Kind and Considerate Partner


Breed: Quarter horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 11
Size: 14.2 H
Color: black bay
Temperament: Raven is as elegant of a mare on the inside as she is on the outside! She is very intelligent and curious and is always up for learning new skills. She enjoys adventure and exploration more than routine arena work. She is generally laid back, confident and easy going, although she can shy at the occasional plastic bag blowing across her path. She was professionally started by Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship and has been raised and trained with an understanding of partnership with people her whole life. She is a social, considerate and gentle mare who will offer her respect and partnership if treated respectfully herself. Raven tends to be a dominant mare in the herd and appreciates credible leadership from her human. She responds well to light leg and hand cues and is a great partner on the obstacle course, trail, or in a clinic setting.
Medical History: Easy keeper, completely healthy and sound. Up to date on all shots. De-wormed and trimmed regularly.
Rider Experience: High Beginner to Intermediate
Price: Price is negotiable and based on caring home.
Location: Currently in Woodstock, New York
Contact: Contact MeeMee at 303-562-7974 or to speak further about becoming Raven's next human partner!

Charm - Sweet, Sensible and Stunning Mare

SOLD. Congratulations to Katie of Omaha, NE!

Breed: Arabian (Reg. Name: Princess Sasha's Charm; Reg. #:0613381)
Gender: Mare
Age: 10 (DOB: May 23, 2003)
Size: 14.2 H
Color: Black Bay
Temperament: Charm is a real life "Black Beauty"! She has the stunning elegance of an Arabian in appearance, with the laid-back, amicable and reliable disposition more common to the Quarter Horse type breeds. Charm is a smart, willing and highly trainable mare and is a pleasure to work with due to her sweet and social nature, sound mind and agreeable temperament. She is polite, confident and eager on the ground and light and responsive under saddle. Charm has had the same owner since she was 14 months old and was started as a 3-year old, using natural horsemanship methods. Since then she has enjoyed a diverse education being ridden in the arena, showpen and on the trails. She has attended a Buck Brannaman clinic and more recently, received a couple of months of trail training with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship. Charm has also found success in the show arena with purple and blue ribbon wins in Western Dressage classes with a youth rider. Charm clips, baths and loads, is calm with the farrier & vet and is an easy keeper. This mare would be best suited for a teen or small adult of high beginner or above skill level. Charm will offer loads of try to a human partner who is kind, considerate and who rides with an empathetic hand.
Medical History: Charm has received both spring and fall vaccinations and been on a regular de-worming program throughout her life and is current on both her vaccinations and de-worming. She has great hooves and has never worn shoes. In the summer she is trimmed every 6-7 weeks and in the winter every 8-9 weeks. She's an easy keeper, so can pretty much maintain her weight on quality grass hay. Charm has some scar tissue on her left hind leg on the outside of her cannon and inside of her gaskin, rendering in cosmetic damage, but nothing soundness altering.
Rider Experience: High Beginner to Advanced
Price: $4000/offer
Location: Lincoln, NE
Contact: Contact Glenn at 402-310-5717 or to meet Charm!
Video 1: Groundwork
Video 2: Under Saddle

Stella - An Elegant Khemosabi Arabian Mare with Smooth Gaits

SOLD. Congratulations to Sheri of Gretna, NE!

Breed: Arabian
Gender: Mare
Age: 9
Size: 14.3 H
Color: Black Bay
Stella is an extremely willing, sensible and responsive mare. She is very sensitive, light, and does well at liberty. Stella is out of a Khemosabi son and Raffon granddaughter, and has a great temperament. She is currently in Natural Horsemanship training and has recently discovered a love for the trail and trail obstacles. She is confident going out on her own and is not herd bound. She has also been previously schooled through 2nd level dressage. Stella has smooth gaits and is an elegant mover. She is great for the farrier and does well barefoot. She is also easy to clip, bathe, and trailer. Stella loves variety of experiences and would do best with a confident, relaxed, experienced horseperson with a light touch. Her price has been greatly reduced to sell quickly, but only to the right person. Please call for or more information, photos, and video.
Medical History: Up to date on all shots and teeth recently floated. Trimmed regularly. She has some mild bone spavin in her hocks. She was recently injected for this and is doing well. She will probably need annual injections, but the vets at CSU assure me that she should be able to do any type of work if these are done annually. It has not gotten in the way of any of her training and I have found that she does best being worked at least 3-4 days a week.
Rider Experience: Intermediate to Advanced
Price: $4500
Location: Parker, CO
Contact: Contact Wendy at 303-868-3190 or to speak further about becoming Stella's next human partner!
Video: Contact Wendy for video.

Scout - Terrific Trailhorse and Western Dressage Prospect

SOLD. Congratulations to Amanda of Lincoln, NE!

Breed: AQHA
Gender: Gelding
Age: 15
Size: 14.1 H
Color: black bay
Temperament: Scout is a talented and steadfast 15 year old AQHA gelding. He has a steady mind and a quiet disposition, which make him a willing partner both on the ground and under saddle. Scout is well versed in his groundwork and is also a smooth and enjoyable ride. Scout has a diverse background having been ridden both english and western, in the arena and on the trail. He is an excellent trail horse whom boldly and confidently navigates obstacles and varied terrains. He has as well been around kids and worked in a therapeutic riding program. Scout handles well for the farrier, trailer loads and ties and is current on all his vaccinations. Come meet this handsome and endearing gelding for yourself!
Medical History: Easy keeper, completely healthy and sound. Up to date on all shots. De-wormed and trimmed regularly.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $4500
Location: Currently in Omaha, NE
Contact: Contact Emily at 402-522-6748 or emily to speak further about becoming Scout's next human partner!
Video 1 - All Around
Video 2 - With MRH Student (Part I)
Video 3 - With MRH Student (Part II)
Video 4 - Western Dressage Tests: Intro. 1 & 2
Video 5 - Western Dressage Tests: Intro. 3 & 4

Mica - Steadfast and Sensible Mare

SOLD. Congratulations to the Snedden Family of Blair, NE!

Breed: Appendix
Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Size: 15.1 H
Color: Sorrel
Temperament: Mica is as sensible, reliable, and steadfast as they come! She is a kind and quiet mare and has demonstrated herself to be unflappable and very even natured, both on the trail and in the arena. Mica is an extraordinary trail horse due to her steady mind and even demeanor. If you are looking for an experienced horse that will keep you safe on the trail, this is the horse for you. Mica has been used as a lesson horse both in an indoor and outdoor arena and on the trail. She is patient and reliable enough for a beginner horse enthusiast (or horse husband!), but would thrive equally with an intermediate to advanced handler. She as well has lovely, ground covering movement which would allow her to excel in the dressage ring! She is easy to handle for the vet and farrier and ties and trailers well. This is a great all around mare -- steady enough for trail, obstacle or cow work and elegant enough for the competition ring. Mica is priced to sell before winter, so come meet this lovely mare today!
Medical History: Up to date on all shots. De-wormed and trimmed regularly.
Rider Experience: Beginner to Intermediate
Price: $3500
Location: Currently in Bennington, NE
Contact: Contact Emily at 402-502-6748 or to speak further about becoming Mica's next human partner!
Video 1 - With MRH Student (Part I)
Video 2 - With MRH Student (Part II)


Scootaway Scooby - Versatile Gelding

SOLD. Congratulations to Angela of Plattsmouth, NE!

Breed: AQHA and FQHR
Gender: Gelding
Age: 9
Size: 15.3 H
Color: Sorrel
Temperament: Scooby is a quiet minded, versatile and very athletic horse. He has been ridden on trails, along roads, in various arenas and has been around sheep, goats, cattle, tractors, etc. He was shown by a 17 year old girl the last two years in 4-H Pleasure, Horsemanship and Showmanship, where he won blue and purple ribbons. Scooby has recently started his career in Western Dressage and is currently riding solidly at Training Level. He is a very quick learner who offers a terrific amount of heart and try when requests are presented both clearly and fairly to him. He is as well a lovely mover with naturally balanced and cadenced gaits and is a pleasure to both ride and watch. Scooby will best thrive with an intermediate rider who is able to properly direct him. Scooby has lived with both mares and geldings and easily finds his place in the herd. He is easy to catch, stands quietly for the farrier, handles de-worming and shots just fine, is easy to clip/groom and trailer loads well. A very nice all around horse!
Medical History: Easy keeper, completely healthy and sound. Up to date on all shots. De-wormed and trimmed regularly.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $5500/offer
Location: Currently in Plattsmouth, NE
Contact: Contact Derek at or (402) 296-5351 to speak further about becoming Scooby's next human partner!
Video 1: All Around
Video 2: Western Dressage Ride
Video 3: Western Dressage Show

Little Bit - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. Congratulations to Emily of Malvern, IA!

Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Size: 14.2 H
Color: Chestnut
Temperament: Little Bit is a well-built, athletic mare who has nice conformation allowing for correct and comfortable gaits. Her warm liquid eye tells of her good-nature and she has a very sound, discerning mind. She is a friendly and social mare, a good learner and tries hard to please. She is as steady in the arena as she is on the trail and is confident enough to tackle a variety of tasks. She has been ridden both english and western and is a talented and versatile mare.

Medical History: Barefoot, current on vaccinations and has been on regular de-worming program.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Adoption Fee: $2500
Location: Currently in Bennington, NE
Additional Info: Contact Emily at 402-522-6748 or
Video: Video 1

Topaz - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. Congratulations to Debra of Longmont, CO!

Breed: Paint
Gender: mare
Age: 20
Size: 15.1
Color: Sorrel overo paint
Temperament: Topaz is a Paint mare with a very kind disposition. She has impeccable ground manners and a kind eye. During her training evaluation at the rescue, Topaz showed that she has a heart of gold and she always aims to please. She has recently been paired with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship, who has been able to bring out the former show horse inside! Topaz was likely ridden Western Pleasure, and although she cannot hold up to a performance level at this point in her life she would make a wonderful trail and pleasure horse. She is not spooky under saddle! She bonds well with humans, and she's very polite with other horses.
Medical History: Requires special shoes and medication daily for pain control; easy keeper; recommended weight limit (rider plus tack) = 240 lbs
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $900
Location: Currently in Longmont, CO
Contact: Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at: or 720-494-1414
Video 1 - All Around
Video 2 - With Students in Lessons

Cheyenne - MRH Lesson Horse

SOLD. Congratulations to Emily and family of Malvern, IA!
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 20
Size: 15 H
Color: Buckskin
Temperament: Miss Cheyenne is as lovely a mare on the inside as she is on the outside! Cheyenne has been the predominant lesson horse in the MRH horsemanship program for the past two years and is now being retired as a lesson horse so as to be able to enjoy a human of her very own. She is a gentle, gracious and reliable mare whom has served both willingly and faithfully in her role as an equine instructor. One of our most versatile horses, she has been trusted to both take care of new riders as well as challenge the more advanced students. She is polite and respectful on the ground and boasts an array of groundwork skills. She is equally trustworthy and dependable under saddle and is also a terrific, quiet and reliable trail horse. This dear mare has such love, patience and kindness to give and would so enjoy having a human to call her own who can shower her in the attention and affection she deserves!
Medical History: Cheyenne arrived at Colorado Horse Rescue in 2007 as a victim of severe starvation and neglect. (Read more about Cheyenne's story here.) CHR nursed her back to proper weight and health and she has thrived ever since. Cheyenne has been on a regular de-worming, dental, vaccination and hoof care program.
Rider Experience: Beginner to Intermediate
Price: $2000 for sale (or contact about lease parameters and rates)
Contact: Emily at or 402-522-6748 to speak further about becoming Cheyenne's next human partner!
Video: Video 1: From Perish to Partnership

Chief Windjester - Handsome Paint

Breed: APHA
Gender: Gelding
Age: 11
Size: 16H
Color: paint
Temperament: Chief is a big, kind, beautiful gelding. We have known Chief for 5 years; he has been used mostly as an all-around horse for amateur riders. He has many miles on the trail and in the arena. He is well trained, soft and easy to ride either English or Western. He has had a few weeks of Natural Horsemanship training recently with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship and progressed well with all that he was introduced to.
Price: $5500
Additional Info: Contact Lynn of Haystack Acres at: or 303-530-2519

Homer - Colorado Horse Rescue


Homer is a handsome 3 year old Paint gelding. This is a very nice youngster who has a heck of a future ahead of him! He is social, naturally confident, willing and a lovely, balanced mover. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue. VIDEO.

AGE: 3 / BREED: Paint / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 14 hh / HANDLER EXPERIENCE: Trainer / FEE: $1500.00

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Very friendly, spunky, can be pushy on the ground, recently gelded; Recommended maximum weight (rider plus tack) = TBD

Isis - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. Congratulations to Maureen of Erie, CO!

I'm here at CHR with my mom (Phoenix) and my little sister (Athena). When I arrived at CHR, I had a lot to learn in the human world. I had spent all of my life living in a fairly large herd of horses and not interacting with people. At first, I had real problems if I couldn't just be with my family. I've worked with Tabitha Farrar, and I've come a long way! She's really helped me become more independent and confident in myself. I've just recently gone into training with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training, and I'm doing great! I really enjoy working with obstacles, and learning all there is to know about partnership with people. If you're looking for a riding horse with great potential for any discipline, please come visit! VIDEO


HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Very friendly, green; Recommended maximum weight (rider plus tack) = 155 pounds

Leo - Colorado Horse Rescue

December 2011: It is with terrific sadness that I share of Leo's passing. This delightful horse embodied such a strong spirit of willingness and affection and was an honor to be in partnership with. In loving memory of my very dear and noble friend.

Leo is a very sweet, sensitive Arabian gelding. He has a great foundation in Western riding under his belt, and has proven to be a wonderful partner out on the trail. He will thrive with a quiet, confident rider that has an intermediate to advanced skill set. Leo has recently recovered from a nasty battle with liver disease, and he is ready to go back into regular work! Please contact CHR for more information.

AGE: 8 / BREED: Arabian / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 14hh / RIDER LEVEL REQUIRED: Advanced-Intermediate / RIDING LIMITATIONS: None / FEE: $1500.00

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Recommended maximum weight (rider plus tack) = 130 pounds

Video: Leo - Week 1

Video: Leo - Week 2

Video: Leo - Trail Riding

Quite a Fancy Bandit - Flash and then Some!


Quite A Fancy Bandit (aka Checkers) is a splashy black and white 2007 APHA overo gelding who is ready to go on with a job. This gorgeous boy is both athletic and handsome. He has an excellent foundation and is riding nicely. His training includes turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, side pass, two track, backing softly and collection through his topline in motion. He stands quietly tied, is nice with his feet, hauls easily and is gentle to be around. He is 15.1+ hands and still growing. He is champion bred with bloodlines similar to many of the horses on our website show page, (half brother to World Champion producer Feverz Dusky Eyes and World Champion Dusky's Ditto). He is ready to go to work, whatever discipline, he is sure to get noticed! $4500. VIDEO

Champ - Colorado Horse Rescue


I'm a cute boy who walks tall and struts his stuff. I don't remember if my name came from my personality or vice versa. I have done a fair number of activities in my life including English riding, trail riding, beginning dressage, and jumping, but my favorite by far is trail riding. I'm a comfy, smooth ride and I need a confident, fair and gentle rider because I'm sensitive and a tad reserved. I've just had three weeks of re-training with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training and everything went very well. I really enjoyed being able to build a trusting bond with a human and find the security with a person that I need. Because of my size I will need either a small adult or child as a rider. Any children will need to be experienced, kind and easy-going. Just a head's up too that I did competition and showing with a young human in the past and it just didn't suit my personality or goals in life, so I'd rather be a pleasure horse. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

AGE: 17 / BREED: Quarter Pony X / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 13.1hh / RIDER EXPERIENCE: Intermediate / RIDING LIMITATIONS: None / FEE: $800

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Sound to ride; rider and tack cannot weigh more than 145 pounds.

Video: Champ - Week 1

Video: Champ - Week 2

Video: Champ - Week 3

Norman - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. Congratulations to Autumn of Greeley, CO!

I'm a cute little gelding with good conformation that came to CHR very withdrawn and emaciated from starvation, but that was years ago. Now I've grown up into an handsome,outgoing gentleman! My trainers call me smart, vibrant, engaged, inquisitive and as willing and good-minded as they come. I am so happy that I am well loved because I have a strong desire to please. I also have been told that I have smooth gaits and natural balance. I just like to move around and play in my body. This is a good life and I'm happy to be a part! I've even learned how to go along with standing tied and riding in a trailer. I don't mind being quiet for those things if it means I get to go out and have fun other times of the day. I have great potential in a number of disciplines including competitive trail, endurance, Westernaires or other athletic activity. I've been professionally trained by both Emily Johnson and Jason Patrick. You can read more about my training and see photos at the "Horses In Training" blog. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

AGE: 6 / BREED: Arabian / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 14.2hh / RIDER LEVEL REQUIRED: Intermediate / RIDING LIMITATIONS: None / FEE: $1700.00

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Very friendly, quick learner. Will eventually be a good beginner horse, just needs more miles.

Video: Norman - Week 1
Video: Norman - Week 2
Video: Norman - Week 3

Summer - Colorado Horse Rescue


When I came to CHR, I was 10 months pregnant and very hungry. People at CHR were worried that my baby might have some health problems due to my starvation. However, my little filly, Blossom, is just fine and has since been adopted! I have adjusted to life without her. I was well trained and would be suitable for a very lightweight rider. I'm out of shape and because I became fussy with mounting and riding, the folks at CHR started me on monthly chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. They are hoping that this behavior will be resolved with treatment. In the meantime, I'm doing groundwork instead. I'm friendly but very submissive around other horses so I would be happy with another mellow horse or two. I am a beautiful lady who would make a wonderful companion for both people and other horses! Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue. Video.

AGE: 21 / BREED: Arabian / GENDER: Mare / HEIGHT: 15hh / RIDER EXPERIENCE: Adv-Beg / RIDING LIMITATIONS: Needs lightweight rider / FEE: $600.00


Snickers - A Terrific Teacher

SOLD. Congratulations to Leona of Longmont, CO!

Snickers is an 18 year old, Appaloosa mare who is a "been there, done that" kind of horse. She is good minded and very willing to form a deep connection with a human she trusts. She has been handled and ridden by an intermediate level, young rider and has demonstrated herself to be a safe and reliable teacher. Snickers has had extensive groundwork, making her a solid partner both on the ground and under saddle. Due to strenuous activity in her earlier years, Snickers is best suited for a child or small adult interested in light riding. The perfect trail pony! Video.

Eclipse - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. Congratulations to Scott of Longmont, CO!

Eclipse is a stunning 8 year old, bay, Paso-cross gelding that has been fully rehabilitated from starvation and neglect. Eclipse is a exceptional horse who possesses all the right qualities to become your perfect partner. He has a sound mind and a gracious and willing attitude, as well as solid confirmation and fabulous movement! Eclipse is a sensitive horse who thrives with a human partner that can offer him solid and consistent leadership combined with empathetic understanding. He is green under saddle, but is an excellent learner who puts forth his best effort and has a strong desires to connect with a human leader. Eclipse would greatly benefit from continued education under saddle and therefore would be best suited for an advanced level rider that is open to support from a professional trainer as needed OR an adopter who would be willingly to progress his training with a professional. He was a stallion until the age of 7, so he does best in a herd of geldings. Eclipse is currently being ridden western, but could be a stellar riding horse in a wide variety of disciplines, including an out of this world trail horse! Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Recovering from severe starvation; recently underwent gelding

AGE: ~7 / BREED: Paso / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 14.2hh / HANDLER EXPERIENCE: Intermediate / RIDING LIMITATIONS: unknown

Logan - Colorado Horse Rescue


I am an easy-going Arab with a quirky and fun personality. I enjoy company from just about anybody, humans and horses alike. I was ridden regularly in my past, but have been out of work for a time while I was recovering from neglect. Now that I am back at a good weight again I've joined the boys in the pasture and am happy as can be. I'm awaiting a riding evaluation with a trainer, so check in to see my progress! Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

AGE: 18 / BREED: Arabian / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 14.2hh / HANDLER LEVEL: Intermediate / RIDING LIMITATIONS: None / FEE: $600.00

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Awaiting evaluation; will need smaller rider

Dixie - Colorado Horse Rescue


There's a number of pretty comical stories that I have to tell in my short history of three years. The first story happened even before I was born. An unknown matchmaker put my mother, a Belgian/Percheron cross, and my father, an Appaloosa/Mustang cross, together. I never found out if it was intentional or if it was a mistake, but that's of no consequence because I came out really darn cute! My previous owner also had a pretty silly habit of feeding me Pop Tarts as treats. I came to recognize the box and wrapper because, well, they tasted pretty good! All joking aside... I'm a superb find. I've been started under saddle, am incredibly level headed, and am a beautiful mover. They also tell me I'm a super fast learner. During my trip to the 2010 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo everything I encountered was brand new to me and no one would have ever guessed because I was so well adjusted. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

AGE: 3 / BREED: Draft cross / GENDER: Mare / HEIGHT: 15.2 hh / RIDER LEVEL REQUIRED: Trainer / RIDING LIMITATIONS: None / FEE: $1000.00

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Shy, sensitive mare. Needs more training.

Ransom - Colorado Horse Rescue


I will always be grateful to the folks here at CHR who rescued me from the livestock auction. Can you believe I was dumped off there when I was only 6 months old? I've grown up big and strong and have been started under saddle. I have a bit of a crooked knee but after the vet took radiographs, she said that I am a good candidate for monthly shots that will help keep my knee in good shape for many years to come. Now I'm being ridden regularly at all gaits and I've shown no signs of lameness. My trainers complement me by saying that I am a well balanced and comfortable ride. I will be suitable for pleasure riding but too much strenuous athletic activity such as jumping, dressage, or rodeo work may be too much for my knee. Please keep me in mind if you are interested in a nice young horse with a good disposition. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

AGE: 5 / BREED: Quarter Horse / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 16hh / RIDER EXPERIENCE: Trainer / RIDING LIMITATIONS: Pleasure riding only / FEE: $500.00

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Good disposition, ready for training

Cheyenne - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. MRH is excited to announce the addition of the fabulous Cheyenne as a lesson horse in the Wholeness Through Horsemanship program! Read Cheyenne's story from tragedy to triumph here. View Cheyenne's thank you message to Colorado Horse Rescue as she shares about her new home here.

I'm a little famous around here for coming to CHR on Christmas Eve 2007 a victim of severe starvation . Our vet said I probably wouldn't make it through the next snow storm. Lots of news people have visited me and I'm happy to say that I've gained 300 pounds and have been able to join the herd in the pasture! I'm a very shy and sensitive gal who responds best to a quiet handler. I'm sound and healthy and have had trainers work with me to prepare me for riding. I accept a saddle, bridle, and rider very nicely. I am learning leg and rein commands to help me be the best partner I can be, as we head out on the trail together. I am very submissive in the pasture and show no aggressive behavior towards other horses so I'd make a super companion for another mellow horse. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

Shadow - Colorado Horse Rescue


I'm a big handsome guy that is looking for someone who loves spotted horses because I have lots of them! I am a nicely trained riding horse who can be ridden Western or English. I don't take a bit (I remember getting kicked in the mouth as a youngster) but I do just fine in a hackamore. I'm a bit out of shape and a little lazy since I don't get ridden very often but I still remember what to do. I have some mild navicular in my front feet but with good quality farrier care and proper shoeing, I am suitable for light riding. In fact, the vet says that exercise is good for my condition. I also have a bit of arthritis in my hocks so I take some medicine for that each month. Otherwise I'm in great shape. I get along great with other horses, and I love mares. A trainer who has worked with me says I have a fabulous mind, willing attitude and am very aware of my feet. I gathered from her affirming tone and kind pat that these were great qualities to have. If you think I might fit in to your family, I'd love to make you my new friend. I was recently featured on 9News. Check out my handsome self on video! Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

Martini - Colorado Horse Rescue

ADOPTED. Congratulations to Kari from Longmont, CO!

Why do they call me Martini? It could be my fun loving, convivial nature. I absolutely love to socialize with people. I also heard that I reminded someone of a chocolate martini because of my unique paint coloring. I don't know what a chocolate or a martini are, so I'll just take their word for it. For being so outgoing I sure do have a mysterious past. I was rescued by animal control after wandering loose and being hit by a car. My previous owner never came to claim me. My injuries were all healed up by the time animal control brought me to CHR and now I'm ready to find a home. I've been working with a trainer and am doing great in my lessons. It turns out that I know quite a bit about carrying a rider, but will need additional training to develop my skills further. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue.

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Recovered from hind leg injury; can be a little pushy.

AGE: ~5 / BREED: Grade / GENDER: Mare / HEIGHT: 14.0hh / RIDER EXPERIENCE: Advanced / RIDING LIMITATIONS: none

Killian - Colorado Horse Rescue


Did you know that I'm the rescue's fanciest Thoroughbred? My grandfather was the great Northern Dancer and there are many other famous racehorses in my family tree. I came to the rescue with a mild stifle injury but after after several years of hanging out in the pasture here, our vet cleared me for rehabilitation under saddle and I moved to my foster home for training. A wonderful community of people have come together to bring me back into work and provide me with the rehab and training I need. I move beautifully at all gaits and show an amazing capacity to learn. I'm being ridden at all gaits 2-4 times a week and after 60 days I'm still completely sound! I used to get a little fussy about being away from my pasture mates but that has been remedied with consistent handling. Now they call me docile! Everyone's so impressed! I am currently in foster care and available for adoption appointments. Available for adoption through Colorado Horse Rescue. Video.

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: benefits from joint supplements and requires good quality shoeing; currently in off-site training

AGE: 15 / BREED: Thoroughbred / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 16.1hh /RIDER EXPERIENCE: Advanced-Intermeadiate / RIDING LIMITATIONS: Pleasure Only / FEE: *$1500.00

Greystone - Quiet-minded and Loyal Gelding

SOLD. Congratulations to Manny from Longmont, CO!

Greystone is a handsome 5 year old grade QH dappled grey gelding. This horse is a real lover! He is a gentle and kind horse, is very friendly with people and tries hard to please. He has had extensive groundwork and is a respectful, willingly and responsive horse. Greystone has been under saddle for the past year. He has been ridden in various arenas, on the trail and has been started as a Versatility Ranch Horse. Grey has drug tires and poles, been roped all over and around his body, tracked cows, and has held live cattle at the end of the rope. Video.

Binder - A True Saint of a Horse

SOLD. Congratulations to Diane from Louisville, CO!

There are not words generous enough to describe a horse like Binder! Binder is a 22 year old bay, grade QH gelding. He is as kind as they come and is both wise and discerning. Binder has been the predominant lesson horse in the MRH horsemanship program and is now being retired from lessons so as to be able to enjoy life with his very own human. Binder is an exceptional teacher as is gracious, willing and very forgiving. This is the perfect horse to build your confidence and share your life with.

Charlie - As Gentle as They Come

SOLD. Congratulations to Morgan from Denver, CO!

Charlie is an honest, dependable horse with a huge heart and an excellent mind. He is both patient and willing and therefore is a great teacher. He is a big and elegant mover with a light, ground covering stride. He was on the racetrack in his younger years and then spent time on a working cattle ranch. He is a wonderful trail mount, but is just as content to be with you in an arena. This sweet gelding can't wait to pour his heart out to you!

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