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LCHA Trailer Loading Clinic a Great Success —

September 1, 2010 — The Larimer County Horseman's Association put on yet another terrific fall clinic with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training as one of the featured clinicians. Many thanks to Kristin Schuett for her hard work in coordinating this great clinic.

Emily worked with a couple of mares who had reputations as being difficult loaders in her "What Trailer?" Trailer Loading demonstration, including one from Colorado Horse Rescue. Utilizing groundwork with obstacles, Emily earned the horses' respect and built their confidence in preparation for the trailer. In a short matter of time, spectators observed these horses transform from fearful and defensive animals with the trailer to curious and willing partners that you could not keep out of the trailer!

Emily has a particular interest in helping horses overcome their fear around trailers and offers a patient, support and guiding hand that horses need to find their confidence with the trailer. She is available for trailer loading help. Contact Emily at for more information.

What People Are Saying:

"I so enjoyed Emily's 'What Trailer?' Trailer Loading Clinic. I was impressed by how Emily made the clinic about the relationship between the horse and their owner. She really understands that the experience owners seek to have with their horse is about communication, trust and building a relationship that is good for both horse and human. In the past, I have been to clinics where the trainer was all about themselves, so it was very refreshing to observe Emily's horse-first approach in her work with these incredible creatures.

"I am so grateful for Emily's time and attention. Attending her clinic provided me with some valuable 'aha' moments that have given me a renewed outlook on working with my mare, Maggie. I love my horse very much and I feel even closer to her now because I am able to better understand her. The horse world could learn a lot from trainers like Emily!"

- Alicia

"I recently took Emily Johnson's 'What Trailer?' Trailer Loading Clinic and found it extremly benefical. I work at Colorado Horse Rescue and a big percentage of the horses we deal with have issues with trailering. After taking Emily's class, I was able to successfully load a mare into the trailer within 45 minutes. This horse would step in but then immediatly back out. Spending time doing ground work around the trailer and teaching her to turn around in the trailer once she got in allowed her to be comfortable closing the door. This was very important to teach her to feel safe in the trailer as the woman that adopted her is planning on trailering her a great deal for trail riding."Prior to Emily's clinic , I may not have gotten her to relax in the trailer or would have spent alot more time trying to safely load her. Emily taught me how to be more creative and stay very calm and patient while working with horses."

- Debra

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