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Trail riding

Trail Riding provides a terrific opportunity for you and your horse to spend time together while refining your horsemanship skills in new and invigorating settings. Yet, it is all too common that the challenges encountered in the trail environment end up threatening the safety or jeopardizing the confidence of both horse and rider. At MRH, proper preparation sets you and your horse up for success and ensures that trail riding is the fun, expansive, and educational experience that it can be.

Trail Riding at MRH is part of the Wholeness Through Horsemanship™ curriculum and is open to students who have completed the prerequisites and are looking to take their horsemanship to the next level. Each trail offers unique terrain and obstacles with which to practice your skills. You will learn how to maintain your horse's attention and trust in a new environment, as well as trail etiquette and the essentials of safe trailering. Every trail ride includes groundwork and riding instruction and is topped off with a potluck-style lunch. Photo Gallery

Prerequisites: Training for the Trail. Strongly recommended, although not required: Horsemanship 101, Horsemanship 201 and "What Trailer?" Trailer Loading Clinic. Or with instructor approval.

What Students Are Saying...

"It is hard to find the words to describe fully enough what the MRH'S trail rides have done to improve the partnership with my young horse and for advancing our training! Emily ALWAYS handles every horse and rider and every situation and challenge with safety in mind. Being out on the trail presents training opportunities you somewhat know you there is a possibility of encountering such as water crossings, bridges or animals in the wild. Then there are situations that arise that are unexpected or unplanned. Every one of these situations are great opportunities to work through with your horse and having Emily there to guide you through these experiences are priceless training moments.

"Not only do we work on the natural obstacles out on the trail, but under Emily's tutelage we work on leg yielding, shoulder-ins or collection. Working on the trails is so much more fun than going around and around doing circles in the arena! I believe the horses welcome the change of scenery as much as the riders do!"

- Kathy

"I have been on over 200 trailrides with Emily, as when I first started training and boarding my horses with her in Colorado we went on a trailride practically every week all year round. On EVERY ride I learned something new, fun, helpful, and practical for advancing my horsemanship skills and deeping my understanding of my horses and my horses learned how to be trusty trail partners. Emily's trailrides are a unique way for humans and horses alike to learn while having fun."

- Morgan

"Age does strange things to the mind and body! After trail riding for over 15 years I got to thinking that maybe it wasn't a good idea to ride my wonderful partner Chopper out anymore. I thought something could happen and my 55 year old body wouldn't bounce back as well as it used to. Well, Emily helped to set me straight by having me trail ride with her in a group in which I learned techniques that improved my confidence and partnership with my horse. She is an amazing horsewoman that seems to intuitively know what the horse is thinking! Thankfully, all negative thoughts I had are gone and I am enjoying the trails again with Chopper."

- Lori

"Breathe, trust, rub....the mantra for the day trailriding with Emily in the MRH Trail Riding program. This little reminder was just one of the many useful tiles and tools I acquire when riding the trails with Emily and it made such a significant impact for me and my horse. Our day, as so many rides before have been, was successful, splendid and oh so fun!"

- Feather

"This isn't your grandmothers trail ride! Prepare yourself for a day of learning as you and your horse develop partnership around every bend. Emily will give you tips and pointers including how to get your horse to stand like a gentleman when the group is stopped, how to position your body on the steep ups and downs of the trail, and the trick to keeping your horse a safe distance from others whether you're riding in front, in the middle or bringing up the rear. Here's your chance to practice navigating trail obstacles, ride a spook and use your emergency stop outside the arena.

"The lesson begins before you even mount up. Be sure you bring all the trail essentials that were discussed in training for the trail. Your knife or cell phone could save a life in an emergency situation. By the end of the day you'll feel more confident in your ability to enjoy a relaxing trail ride while staying alert and prepared. Trail etiquette isn't just about looking good on the trail, it's about your safety and the safety of your riding partners (both human and equine).

"Oh, and if you enjoy good food and the companionship of other riders, the lunch time pot luck is a perfect opportunity to tell stories and get to know other enthusiasts who share your horsemanship goals. So bring your favorite dish or snack to pass around and join in the lively conversations that are sure to reflect the exciting experience of riding the trails!"

- Anne

"I had a wonderful time riding with Emily and the other riders in the MRH program. Learning how to correctly ride up and down hills at a walk and how to set my horse to honor the gait I was asking for, was invaluable to me. To me, this really was taking a lesson to the trail! I appreciated all of Emily's objective criticisms, observations, demonstrations and instructions tremendously. I also appreciate the 'extras' such as, correctly tiring to the trailer, hanging a pail of water versus putting a pail on the ground, mounting on a hill — so thank you for those 'mini' lessons, too. It was truly a great day! I look forward to doing it again soon."

- Lisa

"An important lesson I learned over the years working with Emily is that trail riding is an 'earned privilege'. Both horse and human together build confidence and relationship through systematic and sequential groundwork and arena exercises designed to mimic trail conditions. Once out on the trail, the learning and opportunities for horsemanship growth never stops! Rocks, logs, bridges and water crossings are all nature's obstacles to be maneuvered around, walked over and waded through. The culmination is horse and human riding with curiosity, in balance and confident in each other's abilities. I would never dream of embarking on trail riding without such insightful teaching and safe guidance as Emily provides."

- Nini