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Emily Honored by a Month of Study with Eitan Beth-Halachmy —

May 30, 2011 — Emily traveled to California in April for what was to be one week of study with her long time mentor, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, at his School of Horsemanship. The week turned into an outrageous month of learning when Emily was invited to stay on to work for Eitan at his Wolf Creek Ranch as well as during Light Hands Horsemanship.

Having been away from Eitan, and his wife Debbie's, beautiful ranch since 2004, it was a refreshing treat to spend some time in this amazingly peaceful setting - - not to mention the out of this world learning opportunities in riding with Eitan everyday. Emily was honored by the chance to work as Eitan's assistant instructor in his school throughout May and felt further privileged to be asked to be on staff at Light Hands Horsemanship.

Enjoying the abiltiy to work with Eitan's personal horses and benefit from his daily guidance was an extraordinary opportunity and one that Emily will never forget. Being at Light Hands Horsemanship allowed Emily to meet and benefit from the wisdom of some true legends of the horse world, such as Jack Brainard, Dr. Robert Miller, Leslie Desmond, Jon Ensign, Lester Buckley and Sheila Varian and provided her with remarkable inspiration in her on-going study of horsemanship.

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