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Exciting Things Ahead in 2016! —

November 1, 20152015 has been such a grand year here at MRH . . . and the year is not yet over! As always, we feel ever grateful for the fine group of students and fellow horse enthusiasts whom choose to join us on this journey!

As if a great line-up of clinics, a successful show season and a plentitude of fun and learning were not exciting enough, here at MRH we are delighted to announce that yet another addition to the MRH herd is on the way . . . of the two legged type, that is. Emily, her husband, Matt and their son, Soren, will be welcoming a new member to the family next March!

So, what does this mean for your upcoming involvement in the MRH program you might be wondering? Below is some info designed to help you in your upcoming horsemanship planning!

Though Emily will be ceasing training of outside horses and riding in December, she will continue with a full course and clinic teaching schedule through the end of the year. You may find the full line-up of events for the remainder of this year on the MRH Calendar. We will then all enjoy some well deserved down time and a break around the holidays and then she will resume private and semi-private instruction to current MRH students at the New Year and up until baby's arrival in early spring.

Starting in the spring, Emily will then gift herself with a few months of maternity leave, whereby her teaching schedule will be significantly scaled back. And then come next summer, she and her family are on the move again!

While there are no "official" announcements to be made just yet, Emily and her family's intent is to get into a ranch of their own. Again, nothing official quite yet, but we will give you a couple of hints . . . it is big, it is beautiful and it is a top notch equestrian facility that would become the home for Emily's long term vision for the Wholeness Through Horsemanship Education Center! The word on the street has it that this location would put Emily conveniently between and still very accessible to both the Nebraska and Colorado horse community. Can it get much better than that?!!! Suffice it to say, stay tuned!

So, with consideration of the above, please do note that the remaining line-up of fall offerings this year is to be your last chance to be a part of these program offerings for awhile. So, what are you waiting for? -- Now is your chance!

In summary, it's time to mount up by visiting the MRH Calendar to claim yourself a spot. And as always, our heartfelt thanks for allowing us to be a part of your pursuit of partnership with horses!

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