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MRH Welcomes Jake Gonzales as Assistant Trainer! —

September 15, 2017 — We are pleased to introduce Jake Gonzales, cowboy-turned-handy-horseman-extraordinaire, as our new Assistant Trainer at Mountain Rose Horsemanship! Jake brings a wealth of experience from his years as a cowboy that will ensure a horse is handy, well equipped and partnered up to be able to get a job done. He and MRH Owner/Head Trainer, Emily Johnson, share similar backgrounds in their horsemanship learning and like-minded philosophies in their pursuit of partnership with horses. Together they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to benefit the horses and students who seek their education at MRH.

The collective knowledge and experience of Emily and Jake allow them to specialize in foundational work of the young or green horse, all the way up through refinement work for the older or more seasoned horse. Together they bring the skills to help you and your horse pursue your best selves, whether in or out of the show arena, in the areas of colt starting, trail, western dressage, ranch riding, cattle work, ranch roping or overall partnership-based training.

Please join us in welcoming Jake to the MRH Team!

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Jake Gonzales

"I have aspired to be a horseman my whole life. My background includes time at various feed yards and ranches throughout Nebraska where I learned a great deal about the importance of developing a horse to be a handy partner, capable of getting a job done. Though the lessons and skills I derived from those experiences were of value, it was in 2011 that I was exposed to a film about the horseman Buck Brannaman and his horsemanship philosophies which changed my approach to horses completely. The film showcased the degree of harmony that can exist between horse and human and it was the inspiration that set me on a new journey.

Since then, I have had the good fortune to be exposed to the talents of horseman such as Buck Brannaman, Martin Black, Bryan Neubert, and Joe Wolter, among others. My fervor for learning this style of horsemanship allowed me the opportunity to befriend and study with Peter Cambell. My time under Peter's guidance taught me a great deal about feel with a horse and how to help a horse become willing. Peter also believed in me while I was developing my own style of horsemanship and belief in myself.

My goal is to establish a willing partnership with the horse, through feel and a consideration of the horse's nature. I try to offer the horse clear communication providing him adequate direction while simultaneously allowing him to learn how to fill in for himself and seek his own sense of self and confidence. The end result is what dreams are made of -- a harmonious, willing, partnership between horse and rider!

When I'm not partnered up with a horse I enjoy the privilege of being a husband to the most inspiring and amazing woman and the father of two beautiful daughters with whom I love sharing the pursuit of horsemanship. I would love to be able to share this pursuit with you as well and hope that we can cross trails someday soon!"

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